Four of the Deacons Before Ushering at a Sunday Service

4 Deacons Before Service

Church Boards and Committees

Church Council – This elected body, composed of the chairs of each committee, the clerk, 2-3 members at large, the moderator, vice moderator, treasurer, and the Pastor, acts on the Congregation’s behalf in order to oversee the operations of the church during the year, and to implement the Mission Plan adopted by the congregation at its annual meeting.

Board of Deacons – The Board of Deacons is responsible with the Pastor for the form and content of worship services, as well as for the spiritual welfare of the congregation.  The Board of Deacons also provides orientation of new members and oversees membership records.

Board of Christian Education – The Board of Christian Education is responsible for the planning, direction and supervision of all of the church’s youth and adult education programs. It also helps run the church’s nursery, through which the care of infants and toddlers is offered during worship services and other church activities.

Mission and Service Committee – The Mission and Service Committee plans and implements all church social ministry activities including our outreach to the poor, homeless and disadvantaged, participation in peace & justice initiatives and involvement in the larger community & ecumenical service programs.

Delivering Angel Tree Gifts at Christmas

Painting on Elon Home Mission Trip

Stewardship Committee– The Stewardship Committee provides advice to Church Council on all financial affairs including preparation of the annual budget, monitoring income and expenses, recommending investments and coordinating fund raising efforts.

Facilities Committee – The Facilities Committee is responsible for the care & maintenance of all church properties and provides advice to the Council and congregation on proposed additions, improvements or modifications of church facilities and grounds.

Facilities Committee Members Painting the Office

Personnel and Management Committee – The Personnel and Management Committee provides advice to the Pastor and Council on staff personnel & human resource matters.  Working with other committees and boards, it prepares job descriptions, employment contracts & goals and it also conducts staff performance evaluations. The committee is also responsible for scheduling the use of facility rental as well as working with the office regarding records and business management systems.

Community Outreach Committee – Provides congregational oversight and policy planning direction for our Child Development Center ministry serving over 100 families in our community.

Fellowship and Communication Committee –  The Fellowship and Communication Committee is responsible for development of plans and implementation of programs to promote membership growth and increase membership participation in the life of the church.  The Committee works to make the church, its programs and facilities known in the community through media. The committee is also responsible for the oversight of any literature published by the church, and for any websites or online profiles/pages that represent the church. The Committee will work with other boards to supply greeters and fellowship for Sunday Services.

2017 Church Council Members

Pastor Reverend Kim Hodges, Interim
Moderator Chris Cohoon
Vice Moderator Lanny Bailey & Ron Roe
Clerk Jan Edgars
Treasurer Tim Barrow
Board of Deacons Marsha Wallace
Personnel & Management Lanny Bailey & Ron Roe
Facilities Penny Henderson
Stewardship Trink Prince
Mission & Service Leslie Allman
Fellowship & Communication Ron Roe & Susan Williams
Community Outreach Chris Cohoon
Christian Education Megan Crain
Women’s Fellowship, Pres Trink Prince
Youth Fellowship Youth Will Rotate
At Large Members Tosh Cohoon/Sue Beth Hudson/George Skena

Church Council meets at 7:00 pm on the third Tuesday of each month in the Community Center. All are welcome.

Worship Times

Adult Study - Wired Word 9:00-9:45AM

Kids' Sunday School (PreK-5th grade) 9:00-9:45AM

Teen's Class (6th-12th grade) 9:00-9:45AM

Sunday Worship 10:00AM

Child Care 8:45-11:30AM

Living the Questions 2.0 - Progressive Christianity Discussions (twice/month) 11:30AM - 12:30PM

Swellness (Health) Discussions (Quarterly) 11:30AM-12:00pm