Our spiritual development activities include

Christian Education Programs

Programs sponsored and offered by the Board of Christian Education for Children and Youth::

  • Children’s Sunday School 9:00 AM
  • Vacation Bible School 
  • Nursery during worship
  • Confirmation classes
  • Christmas Pageant
  • Easter Brunch


Vacation Bible School is held mornings for one week in the summer.

Vacation Bible School

Sunday Education for Children & Youth

We will be learning one Bible Story each month through Art, Cooking, Science, Drama & Music offering a new way to learn about God’s love through Stories of the Bible. Your children will learn:

  • Know/learn the Bible stories (through repetition for a full month).
  • Understand that God loves them.
  • Understand that God loves everyone unconditionally.
  • Understand that God wants us to reach out to others.
  • Experience a practical application, i.e., a tangible way to demonstrate that love.

It’s okay if you have to miss once in a while. Friends can join anytime, and teachers will be rotating.

Youth Beach Party in July of 2013

Youth Beach Party

Youth focused activities are held several times a year.

8:45AM Available for children 4 and under during Sunday School and Worship time. The Nursery is located in the Child Development Center just off the Community Center. 

Play at Nursery

Play at Nursery

Having Fun at Nursery

Having Fun at Nursery

Adult Bible Study & Conversation Groups

9 AM Starting in January 2017, we welcome you to join an adult discussion group, The Wired Word. The topics are based on a news story from the week and come with discussions questions, aimed at helping the group to connect what is happening in the world to Scripture.   Each Thursday, the topic will be emailed to group members so you can read about it ahead of time – but no homework is actually required! If you have any questions or would like your email address added to the distribution list, please see Pastor Kim.  Class meets in the Church Office.
1st & 3rd Sundays after service at 11:30 (Contact Pastor Kim) Modern Christianity… In September 2016, we will start Living the Questions 2.0, a series with contemporary progressive Christian scholars.  The hope is that Conversations about Modern Christianity will be appealing, especially to those who do not find a comfortable fit with popular/traditional Christian understandings. We are not fundamentalists, we are not exclusive, we are not dogmatic, we are not bible thumpers, we are not ignorant, we are not brainwashed, we are not afraid, we are not haters, we are not closed minded. We are compassionate, we are inclusive, we are educated, we are open, we are searchers, we are peaceful, we are earth friendly, and we are social justice supporters. Class begins with 15 min. DVD presentation on some facet of faith followed by discussion led by Pastor Kim or congregation members. Class meets in the Community Center.

Progressive PintsThese meetings are held at Pleasure House Brewing on Shore Drive from 7-8pm.  Each week is a different subject regarding Progressive Christianity (such as “does evil exist,” “what is a calling,” or “how should Christians view marriage”).  The meeting is a great opportunity for fellowship and honest discussion (and good beer!).  (Watch main page for seasonal dates.)



Worship Times

Adult Study - Wired Word 9:00-9:45AM

Kids' Sunday School (PreK-5th grade) 9:00-9:45AM

Teen's Class (6th-12th grade) 9:00-9:45AM

Sunday Worship 10:00AM

Child Care 8:45-11:30AM

Living the Questions 2.0 - Progressive Christianity Discussions (twice/month) 11:30AM - 12:30PM

Swellness (Health) Discussions (Quarterly) 11:30AM-12:00pm