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service & mission

All members and friends of LCCC are welcome to join and support any of our projects locally or nationally. Think globally - act locally to preserve the environment, feed the hungry, clothe the naked and work for an end to poverty.


Service and Mission Ministries regularly supports disaster relief both by financial giving and providing on-site work teams. We have sent mission teams to hurricane and tornado rebuilding sites.

Environmental Causes

LCCC has entered into partnership with Lynnhaven River Now as a Pearl Faith Community to both educate anyone interested and act on local initiatives promoting the health of our local waters and sustainable living.

Yearly, we participate in Clean the Bay day to help clean the area beaches and waterways.

Helping those without Homes

LCCC members are committed to helping at PIN Ministries and JCOC, with preparing and serving meals, collecting needed items such as clothing, and providing medical support.  Recently in partnership with Commonweatlth Catholic Charities (CCC), members from our congregation helped a refugee family settle into their first US home.

Throughout the year our congregation prepares meals that will be served at the Judeo Christian Outreach Center. 

Extending Beyond Hampton Roads

We've recently joined forces with International Rescue Committee  (IRC) to teach English/ESL to refugees. We're also supporting Dos Santos Food Pantry and Thrift Store on the Eastern Shore.  In the past, we've traveled to North Carolina and Haiti to help with everything from organizing foster care supplies to outfitting handicapped  children with wheelchairs.

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